QUIZ: Is your Family Dysfunctional?

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Have you ever not spoke to immediate family member(s) for months at a time as a result of a family feud?

Have you ever had a wet (sexual) dream about a distant relative, or an actual (consensual) sexual encounter with a relative?

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If your sibling gets drunk at a family function and makes a pass at your new significant other. Would you confront your sibling?

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If a very attractive second cousin hit on you at a family reunion, what would you do?

Have you ever intentionally hung up on a family member?

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Did your parents ever get into a screaming match in a public place?

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Have you ever been afraid to introduce a date to your family because you were worried they would embarrass you?

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Has anyone in your family ever appeared on a chair-throwing daytime talk show?

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Does your family tree intersect?

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Is Your Family Dysfunctional?
Yes (but you probably already knew that)

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Yes it sounds like you might want to look into some professional help. 😉
No (Thank goodness)

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You dodged the bullet!

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